Hello, we are sending this survey as a follow up to the first Bristol Theatre Parents Network meeting that took place at Travelling Light on March 13th. At that meeting it was agreed to send a survey to gauge what people would like from the network and to get a picture of some of the challenges faced.

The survey will be live for 4 weeks, closing at 9am on Monday 12th June - please feel free to send on to your networks.

With thanks, George (Travelling Light), Sarah (Theatre Bristol)

Please tell us the ages of your child(ren)

Do you have other caring responsibilities?

Please describe your other caring responsibilties

Who takes primary responsibility for childcare in your household?

What childcare do you use (tick all that apply)

Please tell us about your other childcare arrangements

What kind of childcare would you find useful?

Please tell us what other childcare would be useful

Have you had to say no to work bacause of lack of childcare?

What would help manage your caring responsibilities alongside your work

Please describe what else would help

Please tell us your employment status

Please could you give us more details

Would you describe yourself as (tick all that apply)

On average would you say you work

Broadly speaking would you say having children has had an effect on your career

Could you tell us more about how having children has effected your career

How would you describe your work life balance

What is the biggest challenge you face as a parent working in the performing arts?

Please tell us what you would like to get out of this group - tick all that apply

What else would you like to get out of the group?

When is the best time for meetings

About You:
Do you identify as

About You
Please describe your household

Please could you give more details

If you are happy to be contacted about relevent groups, activities, follow up to this survey etc please leave name and your email address

Thanks for completing the survey.

You can join the Bristol Theatre Parents facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/434994716681796/
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